How to Launch a Vacation Rental/Holiday Let Business

Wow! There is so much to think about to set up a Vacation Rental/Holiday Let business!

There is property to find, customers to appeal to, regulations to satisfy, competitors to challenge, bookings to manage, cleaners to find and supervise, and a whole lot more!  Oh yes, and it has to make money!

This course applies Nicholas’ experience in launching a profitable Vacation Rental business which has consistently attracted 10 point reviews on “Booking-dot-com” and five star reviews on Tripadvisor and HomeAway.

Nicholas shows how to:

  • Plan the business by understanding customers and the competition and coming up with a viable financial plan
  • Establish the business by preparing the property to entice guests and setting up the “back office” to gain bookings
  • Drive success by running the business to delight guests and refining the business so it can be scaled
  • Make it so, turning the insights gained in the earlier sections into an action plan and a business plan.

Nicholas presents the course in nine video lectures supported by a Work Book prepared in Microsoft Word.  This Work Book allows students to collect their insights in one place and thereby have all the information they need to launch their own successful Vacation Rental/Holiday Let business.